Friday, January 8, 2010

Need Help!

Hello fellow bloggers (blogites? blogans? citizens of the blogosphere? blogospherians? - I digress, as I do).

I would very much like to clean up the look of my page - archive by relevance, maybe brighten it up a bit. I have some ideas, but can anybody recommend a good source of codes? Preferably free, and preferably something that will not require my posting a big giant link to them on my page, one that in turn gives tracking cookies to everybody who pops in for a parusal.

If such a place exists, please let me know. I think this page could use some sprucin' up.

Other ideas I have - I think I'm going to do the daily themes - they will keep me posting, and maybe I won't go from the five rants of New Year's Eve to climate change in 2.5. Or at least if I do, you'll have a warning - such as - Tuesday.

So, I'll be thinking up some weekly gems for you to dig through, if you guys and gals can point me in the right direction for improving the look.

Do we have a deal?


wah said...

ok, What is the deal,sir????hehehe..I m at Starbucks waiting for boarding.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I just use a regular blogger template, so I don't know of any other sources...Sorry. Maybe Google around a bit?